Veggies and fruits – Lufa Farms

Do you still remember what a real tomato looks like, smells like and tastes like? If it wasn’t for my frequent trips to Lebanon, I’d have forgotten a long time ago. I got used to the idea that veggies and fruits are tasteless in Montreal (except apples). I mostly blamed the weather; with these conditions everything must surely be imported. I was, as I often am, wrong. Turns out there is a vibrant and large community of local farms in Quebec. A very serious system of organic certification for food producers in the province and country is in place. I will leave the details for another post, but and are good places to start.

One specific farm stood out from the others. Continue reading “Veggies and fruits – Lufa Farms”

You are what you eat

With the recent realization that I only have a few months before being thrown into the extreme sport of parenthood, I began re-assessing my understanding of life with the aim of giving my child a head start. I started with the basics. As most people congratulated me, they usually followed with wishes of good health. Health is evidently of primary importance and we too often forget this simple fact until we get sick. We can’t really control all aspects of our health, but one primary factor that is entirely within our reach is our food intake. Eating food is a basic part of our life; we love it, we do it everyday, several times a day. Food defines our bodies, our mood, our longevity, our colour and our smell. It is obvious that the quality of the food we ingest affects the quality of our bodies and therefore our health. If I want my children to be healthy, I need to ensure a supply of high quality foods. Ironically, it took the prospect of caring for another life before realizing this obvious fact and starting to research my food.  Continue reading “You are what you eat”